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Get rid of eyestrain,
dry eyes and blurry vision.

'Rest Your Eyes' is the iOS that helps you get rid of Computer Syndrome Vision with the 20 - 20 rule.

Rest Your Eyes App opened inside an iPhone
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How it works

20-min Work

You can work on your computer like you would usually. The App will notify you at the end of your Work Interval

20-seconds Break

Take a break from screens and look something 20 feet (6 meters) away.


Back to Work! Repeat the process while you work with screens.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye strain, dry eyes or blurry vision are symptomes related to the Computer Vision Syndrome. These are some of the most common when working with computers the whole day.

Rest Your Eyes app for iOS helps you prevent them with the 20 - 20 - 20 rule.

Visit your optometrist if you experience blurry vision

Check your eyes with your optomestrist or eye doctor if you experience blurry vision or any other symptomes and follow their recommendations. In general, you should get at least one eye exam every year.

Available in Dark Mode

Dark mode is not really more effective than Light Mode, but it’s so cool.

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